Thursday, March 9, 2023

Recovery is Not Easy....

We are plugging along and Gary is improving.  Getting lots of rest, many phone calls and a few visitors.  Snow is on the way and Scott stopped in with some goodies from Greg'ry's bakery and let us know that he will be here to dig us out whenever he is needed!  Yay!

My boy Rebel ate all of his hay and grain last night, so his loss of a tooth does not seem to bother him.

After chores, Janet came in to check on Gary.  Little Wonder adores her.

I got Gary all set for lunch and went down to the Library for bridge.  My partner and I tied for 2nd and it was a nice break.  Fortunately, Gary has always done a lot around the farm....all the dishes, hauling water for chores, dumping the manure, shoveling, taking out the garbage, doing his own laundry, babysitting the cats as they go in and out, splits and hauls the fire wood, sweeps and vacuums, and a lot more.  Now, he is on break and I have to pick up much of the slack.  Makes me appreciate how much he does even more.  He had to take over for me when I had a full knee replacement.  I would not have it until I was down to 2 horses so it would not be so hard for him.  Here we are again, in reverse.
As you can see, the front paddock is a disaster area.

The ponies were very happy to get into their dry, fluffy stalls for dinner.

Gary had an appetite tonight and we had the rest of the meatballs (sandwiches) and chips.

Night all.


Val Ewing said...

Nice that you are able to do this for Gary!

The paddock doesn't look so bad, it is bound to be muddy and messy this time of the year.


Sandra said...

I agree with Val, that paddock actually looks good to me!

Mark took over all the horse duties when I became unable. Gary does a lot. It's a good thing you kept him because he is a keeper. Good to hear he's getting better so quickly.