Monday, March 20, 2023

A New Doo For Little Wonder

A very crispy morning...all because of the wind.

Little Wonder had to be at the groomers by 11.
My friend Joanne was there picking up her two dogs when we arrived.  I only got a photo of one.
LW was not to too excited about being there.
When I got home Rebel and Ronin were in dance mode.
Wham! Bam! Back to the groomers at 12:30 and we were on our way back to the farm.

After lunch I drove Gary to Rochester Orthopedics for his two week check.  I can't believe they told him he can drive now!  That PT work really made a difference.  Tomorrow, I'm sure he will be doing more stairs.
By chore time, it was still blowing, but the sky was gorgeous.

Got them tucked in and

made some leftovers for dinner.  So good.

Night all.


1 comment:

Sandra said...

LW looked mortified! He also looks very handsome in his new doo. Yay, Gary! I find this amazing.