Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Turning Point?

Talk about sunshine!  And where was I at sunrise?

After being up all night with Gary, I had to go pick up a couple of things to see if they would help him.

Scott and Jenny were here by 7am making sure the driveway was plowed, as a horse trailer was going to be here by 8:15 to take Ronin to Avon for some diagnostic testing.  With all the snow piled up, it's not easy to pull in and turn your rig around.  
Gary had spoken to a nurse at 5:30am... he followed her suggestions and started feeling much better.  Let's hope he stays that way.  He has been dining on crackers, dry toast, ginger ale and popsicles.

Rebel wondered where his buddy was going.

The dynamic duo convinced me to put some hay in the sunshine.

I tried to get some sleep before going to our rehearsal at 1 but that did not work.  Very productive for the most part, but I was in a semi fog.  

Back to the farm around 4:45 and took it easy until 6.

The ponies still think it is 5pm.

Before going back in the house I picked up the mail.
With those three trees gone, we are going to have to get very creative with the front of our house this spring.  So empty.
Gary hit the jackpot.  So many cards from his buds!
Night all.
Need to go to bed early as we have to be at the Urologist's office by 8:45 tomorrow morning.


Marcy said...

Recovery from hip surgery is so difficult. I feel for Gary. I had one a few years ago and it was so much more difficult than I expected. Hang in there and get rest when you can.

Nancy J said...

Hoping tomorrow makes things a lot easier, broken sleep and such early starts do not help. We had the first 7.2 cubic metres of gum firewood delivered today. looks a massive heap, equal lot of old man pine when this is packed in the shed.

Val Ewing said...

I know the pain meds react differently for so many people. They made me nauseated and all sorts of nasties when I had shoulder surgeries. I hope Gary sure gets to feeling better. Though he looks like he is still quite the trooper!

Hopefully you are getting your rest too. Being a Caregiver even for a short time, is a tough road to travel. And you have to pick up on everything else too. Make time for yourself.

Sandra said...

Just when you think it's all good....hopefully Gary is now on his way to wellness. The music sounds really good. I belt out songs a lot. Too bad I can't hold a tune to save my life! Lets hope rest is in your future.