Thursday, August 13, 2020

First Batch of Sauce

A beautiful start to the day.

We can hardly keep up with the garden....everything is growing like crazy.

There were so many veggies today I decided to make a pot of sauce.

Someone drove in our driveway late morning and asked if I would help get a dog that was out in the road (a couple houses down).  I grabbed some cookies and a leash and we were able to lure the pup up to a deck off the house and I tried to barricade it there with a fresh bowl of water.  Went back 45 minutes later and she was gone.  Prior to that I called Dog Control to see if anyone was missing a dog....or did it really live there.  Anyhow, I brought the dog home and within minutes the Dog Warden arrived.  I took photos and put it on FaceBook, where it got shared many times.
Long story short, the owners were found.  Her name is Maddy.
I grabbed a quick shower and drove to Brockport so I could get my hair cut.
Ran a couple more errands and got back to the farm around 3:15.
Karen tried out her new saddle on Elliott tonight.

He's such a beautiful and sweet boy.
The outdoor arena is in good shape.

Gary planted mixed greens a very short time ago and we harvested the first batch tonight.

These glads have lasted for a long time.  I just keep plucking of the wilted blossoms and cut the stems.

A very late picnic dinner (Gary went to Coop's game).

Night all.

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