Wednesday, November 2, 2016


A very mild morning for November.

 The front paddock is still muddy...the dogs just don't care 
and it has an impact on our kitchen floor.

 On the way back to the house
 the sky suddenly looked like a scene from Hawaii.

 Dramatic light was coming through the kitchen windows.

 I spent much of the morning communicating with members of our Jam group.  On Sunday there will be a celebration of life for our friend and Jam founder, Jim Foote. So far we have 15 people who will be performing in his memory.  I hope he hears us.  It's going to be quite a gathering.

This afternoon LW and Phoebe had to hang out in the back yard while Gary and I raked and moved at least 10 wheelbarrows of black walnuts.

 I hope that's the end of it, as it is the third or fourth time we have had to do this. 
No mowing until they have been picked up.

 My friend and fellow baritone uke player, Terry, came up this afternoon so we could go over the songs we will be playing this weekend.  We have both started using picks and what a difference!
 A great dinner.
Our salad included tomatoes, cucumbers and a red pepper that we picked earlier from our garden.
 Carina's bread...
 and I defrosted some sauce that I had put in the freezer.
 Simple and so good.
 As I have been working on this post, Little Wonder has been insisting that I throw one of his toys so he can fetch.  About 10 times....

Finally finished.
Night all.

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Unknown said...

That type of lighting is my absolute favourite - the World seems so magical in those moments!