Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Voted Today!

The first thing in the morning, Phoebe and Little Wonder go out in the back yard.

 I love these brilliant starts to the day.
 The clouds were very wispy.

 All that was before I got out to the barn!

 Class at 10:30.
Little Wonder loves to see his Auntie Shamra.

 Auntie Helen can't resist him's hard to get away from his kisses.
 Phoebe just hangs back...although both dogs got treats from Tina.

 We had a bread delivery at noon...
 and when Carina arrives, the studio smells divine!

 Late morning Gary had a dump truck of leaves delivered.  He has already started putting them over the garlic cloves he planted.
 After lunch the dogs and I went for a ride.  First I voted.
 Then we bought another harness (below) for LW.  Now both have the same one and they are both the same size.  He has really grown.

 I ended up doing evening chores and it was dark when I finished.
There was all kind of farm machinery in the back fields picking up soy beans.
 I made a quick dinner as there was a Town Board meeting tonight.
 Salad and chili.
 Home a little before 9 and waiting to hear all the election results.
It has been a wild and crazy year!
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I voted early this morning too. LW is just too cute. He does look like he's grown.

Nancy J said...

We are getting results down here, what a long day for everyone. Lovely dog harnesses. And leaves as mulch, A wonderful way to use the autumn droppings.

Val Ewing said...

Beautiful day. Voted here too and was up at 2 am to see what happened.