Friday, November 18, 2016

Could Not Ask For More...

What an amazing day for November 18th.
Sunny and warm all day.

 This weather sure is inspiring.
 Gary primed and painted a section of the house
 and then he spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden.
 Brussels sprouts are on the menu for Thanksgiving.
 I never expected it to be so hot the dogs would be panting.

 I passed on going to Agape and went for a trike ride instead.
Figured it would be a wash if I put in the same amount of time.

 We are going to get snow shortly and it will be curtains for these beautiful flowers I passed on the home stretch.

 I got back to the farm in time for lunch.

 Little Wonder, Phoebe and I took it easy for a couple of hours.   Not long after I started reading,  my eyes would not stay open.  So comfy.

 Jenny and I had a menu discussion regarding Thanksgiving, followed by me taking a trip to Wegmans to buy a turkey and everything else I needed.  I got a big one so she could take home some leftovers.
A simple dinner.  Wraps and leftover corn chowder.

Forgot to take photos of the finished products!
Night all.


Michelle said...

Glad to see you enjoyed this beautiful day. Have a wonderful weekend!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures and a great day. It was beautiful here too.

Unknown said...

It has been so beautiful! I spent most of my day at a hospital appointment though and didn't get to enjoy it in the garden as I would have liked.