Friday, November 11, 2016

Company for Dinner

The clouds were pretty wild this morning.

 Little Wonder
  and Phoebe found spotlights in the kitchen.
 After chores I went to Agape.
20 min. elliptical/20 min. bike/10 min. treadmill.
I must keep doing this!
 Carol, Topper and Sue were coming to dinner at 6, so I started working on it after lunch.
I had to use up the cauliflower Gary found hiding out in the garden, and made another casserole.

 Little Wonder and Seymour were in charge of entertainment.
I can't believe that cat allows LW to grab him by the neck.

 I  set the table and used that beautiful table cloth Alicia brought me from Ecuador.
 This is THE END of our glads....and it may go down to the 20s tonight.

 So what did we eat?
The salad - mixed greens, apples, pears, craisins and homemade croutons.
 Bazmati rice.
 Grilled pork tenderloin.
 And the cauliflower casserole.
 Sue made an apple pie for dessert.
A perfect ending to a delicious meal.
After dinner I got out my baritone uke and we sang at least 20 songs.
Both Carol and Sue are great at harmonizing.  Gary and Topper even joined us on a few.
Such great company!
Now I'm pooped!
Night all.


Nancy J said...

And now all we need to brighten a cold day or morning is a video of you and your Uke, and some song. Beautiful table settings.

Jo said...

What a lovely evening. I love Little Wonder and applaud Seymour for playing so nicely.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a great meal with good friends too.

DC Minute said...

That dinner looks incredible! And you play the Uke?? A woman of so many talents!