Monday, November 14, 2016

The Moon Is Hidden Tonight....

However, this was my last shot late last night.
 It was another chilly morning, but absolutely gorgeous.

 I fed the girls their breakfast
 and cleaned the stalls in short order.

 Look at that sky!

 I put the pups in the house and went back out to drag the indoor
 and outdoor arenas.
All the girls have grown beautiful coats in preparation for winter.
With the day temperature in the 50s, I just can't see putting sheets or blankets on them.

 I went down to The Center for a 1pm Association meeting and ended up hanging around to chat with a friend until they closed at 3.
 On the way home, the sky was jammed with mackerel scales.
 Karen had chore duty and the girls were waiting to be called in for dinner.

 Around 5, the sky was brilliant.  Last night I was able to catch some great shots of the moon rising, but tonight at the same time it was grey and cloudy to the East.
(Yet it looked like this to the West).

 I made pasta for dinner with some of our homemade sauce.  Vegetarian.

 I was up for this comfort food.
 Night all.

Almost the middle of November and we still have these tomatoes that I picked from the garden (when they were green).

The moon has appeared.  9:25pm
12 quick shots taken with my point and shoot
Canon PowerShot/Elph 150is


Nancy J said...

Too cloudy to see the moon last night or this morning, and next time round I won't be here. Lovely skies, and yummy food once again.

Val Ewing said...

We glimpsed the moon a few times last night but yes it was rather cloudy! It was still pretty beautiful though.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The past few nights the moon was gorgeous,last night was a little cloudy but it was still visible. It's been in the 60's here for a while so our herd doesn't get blankets. They refuse to come in at night too. They're loving this weather and no bugs. Raining today but we need it. Beautiful shots of the moon and skies.

Stephen Andrew said...

Beautiful photos! It's been such a long and gorgeous autumn!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Such a gorgeous moon. Mom took stinky pictures of our moon
Lily & Edward