Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We are on a roll with sunshine. Woke up to another beautiful morning.
By tomorrow afternoon, Phoebe is going to look different...grooming appointment at 12:30. Gucci too.
Got to the barn around 7:30. Dream must have been hungry, as she came back on her own this morning to eat her grain.
Chores went smoothly. After I had everything done, Abbe snuck in and messed up the aisle...I had to go back and sweep it again.
All you horse people out you do everything the same way at about the same time every morning? You get to be on automatic pilot.
I grabbed pony and groomed the heck out of about half a bushel of hair and there is more to go.

After lunch my class arrived. They were very busy working on new projects.
Sandy started on another pastel drawing of two horses eating.

Tina is working on her snow leopards...

Jean came back today and is working on a watercolor of her husband fishing.

Donna continued working on her colored pencil drawing...

Mel finished the bald eagles he started just last week. How about those feathers?
Another cat was started today using oil pastels.
Phoebe and Gucci did their usual to get treats from Tina and Sandy.

It's funny, Gucci used to be scared when I got out my big camera...she would run and hide.
Now, she doesn't care at all. She really needs a haircut!

This evening Barb P. did chores. I went out to catch a few shots.

Dinner. Pasta and a salad. I was so hungry for this.

At 7:10 I drove down to Clarkson to play bridge. The light on the buildings in the village was dramatic.
I left at 10:30 and have no idea where my partner and I placed.
Check out the "snacks" Lorna had for us.
That's it for now.
Night all.


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Dream inside the barn, and thanks (as always) for sharing photos of all the interesting artwork!

Lori Skoog said...

That is King Mustafa, not Dream. I'm glad you liked the photo!

Louise said...

Your pictures are just beautiful, and your description of life on your farm places us right there. Thanks for sharing your days with us.

Vanessa said... my coffee in a to go cup, just wandering around the farm breathing the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine...just devine!(don't wake me, I"m dreaming)

LadyFi said...

Fabulous pics of food, horses and a blue blue sky!

Maery Rose said...

Does it say anything that my favorite photos are of the food?

Victoria Cummings said...

We're loving this sunshine too! King Mustafa looks like a happy fellow - good looking and kind. Once again, I wish that Chef Lori was cooking dinner at my house.

Unknown said...

Beautiful sunny pictures. It's nice to see the spring has come.
Here, the sun shines and after it pours. The grass would make a horse dream. Difficult to mow it for the ground is always muddy. I think we'll use a wire.
See you soon

Susan Ellis said...

You are one busy lady! and your photos are great...I love them all, but especially the horses...they're such gentle giants aren't they? (at least a large part of the time!)

Gayle said...

The sun is so beautiful on the the horses and green grass!

Anonymous said...

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