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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well...when I went out this morning, it was spitting rain...the dogs wore their coats and it was chilly again. We were supposed to have a crummy day. Gar came out to help me with chores and then went down to Java for coffee. When he got back, the sun was out and he spent much of the day in the gardens...even planted a row of spinach for me!
The hosta in the back yard is really growing...
I put the hay under the shed roof so it would not get soaked, but the horses went straight to the back pasture....
and hardly touched it.

Many of the tulips are blooming now...Big Bird is surrounded.

I love having them in the kitchen, but they don't last all that long.

Barb P. brought her daughter's dog over to meet Gucci and Phoebe...he weighs 5 pounds and his name is Tank!
Gary was still working in the gardens, while I watched a Meryl Streep movie out near the fire.
Phoebe was not very social, but Gucci made an effort to get to know Tank.
Look at that sky! The rain was long gone.
We ate dinner before I went out to do chores. Got out to the barn after 7.
After I distributed the grain, 5 were in their stalls, and Dream was still out back...she brought up the rear.
A gorgeous evening.
Because it was very windy, the dogs wore their coats.

A very quiet and relaxing day.

Night all.


  1. Wow! Garden in already? Everything looks so green. Of course I think you've had more rain. We are having an early though it appears. I'm thinking that might allow me to plant my garden early, risky as that may be.

  2. I really envy the beautiful way you get to spend your days amidst of nature...

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  3. As always, I love checking in to see what you've been up to ;) Have a wonderful week !

  4. Your growing season is much longer than ours here in SW Colorado. We just have a few bulbs coming up and it's only starting to feel springlike. Your farm is looking so green and productive! Thanks for such a boost in the garden department. It gives me hope for new growth.

  5. Tank is adorable, and I bet that he thinks he weighs at least 50 pounds. I'm glad Gucci was friendly towards him.

    Everything I have is ahead of schedule, except for the hosta. They're always the last thing to come up, and I always fret and stew that something has happened to them. This year the anticipation is worse, because there are mole runs all around that area. Don't know if moles like hosta or not.


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