Monday, December 4, 2017

The Dogs Are Always In The Pictures....

A beautiful sunrise, very misty and then grey all day.
Between 7:30 and 12:30 it was non stop.

There was a hard frost last night and it was supposed to go up to the low 50s....but it didn't.
 Both pups kept me company while I did chores.

 Gary brought home a couple of these pine arrangements from Sara's yesterday, when
he and Jenny picked up her Christmas tree.  This is the door to our kitchen and the one
we use all the time.
The sign was given to us by a friend when we moved to the farm and it has been there
ever since.  So appropriate.
 On my way to Agape I stopped at Country Max and filled the car 
with grain and shavings.
 On the way home I stopped at the bank and Wegmans.  
Could hardly find a spot to put the bags of groceries.
Gary had a nice fire going when I arrived, and after lunch it was time to read...
and nap.
 I bought new twinkie lights for the kitchen on white strings so they would not stand out
like the green ones did.  Much better.
 When it gets dark early, they are on and give off the most mellow, beautiful light.

 Leftovers for dinner.
 Fine with me.

Night all.
Snow is on the way!
Could start tomorrow night.


Nancy J said...

Snow, that would be so welcome down here, still sweltering. Everything everywhere is so dry, no rain in sight at the sunrise, the frost and the cosy fire.

Val Ewing said...

I love the soft glow of Christmas lights and keep a string up on the porch all year long to enjoy in the summer. The red and soft white don't attract bugs!