Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Near Freezing Again...

The appearance of the sun was short lived.

Most of the day was very grey.

 After chores I went to Agape and ran a few errands.
My afternoon was not all that productive....

 We took it easy by the fire.

 Gary had a dinner meeting and I made a simple pasta dish for myself.

 I'm starting to prepare for Christmas Eve and 32 guests.  Today Cheryl D. stopped by with this beautiful table runner that she started working on 5 years ago.  She is a world class quilter and has always been very generous with me.    Many years ago I took on a horse that her daughter retired from dressage and eventing and she was with us until age 36.  By far, the most educated horse I have ever had.  Her name was Shenandoah and she was a bay Appendix Quarterhorse...the sweetest girl, who even knew how to do the Spanish Walk.
You are not seeing things (above).  Half of the table is black and the other half is white.  Why not?
It seats 16 and I don't have a table cloth big enough to cover it.

 By the way....Gary finished painting room number 4....
The upstairs bathroom is big and very old fashioned country.
 We still have a few things to wrap up, but it is now in pretty good shape.
 One more room (the one behind the bathroom) and the hall are left.
I'm in no hurry!  Those new windows sure motivated Gary!
 Seymour went upstairs to check everything out.
I started a new book today and am going to put on some jams and get back out by the fire.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful table runner! Cold here today too. Then again it’s supposed to be almost 60 by Christmas! Crazy weather.

Val Ewing said...

I do that with my towels in our new bathroom. No room for a closet so I stacked crates and rolled the towels in one ... it works out nice. Love the table runner!
For Christmas Eve it will be quiet here. Wow. 32 guests? You are amazing!