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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Everything Has Been Mown!

It was in the 70s right off the bat and hit the high 80s... muggy much of the day.  Fortunately there was a good breeze.  I put the fan on in the run-in for The Rebel and his pony.

Jenny stopped up by 9:30 to drop off the tables they used for the concession stand yesterday.  She and the boys headed to Pennsylvania late morning to attend a service for their other grandfather, who passed away a few months ago.
I put a new mask on Seamus....large mini size.  Thought it would do the trick, but he eventually got it off.

The onions are growing fast now and the snow peas are climbing.
Our friend, Ed C. started some San Marzano tomatoes for us a couple weeks ago and I traded 36 plants for a couple loaves of Carina's Cinnamon bread.  Jenny took three plants home and we must have at least 36 for our garden.
After chores I started mowing.  First mulching the hay and cutting the grass in the front paddock.
Then the back pasture.....
and up to the barn.

Last but not least, the biggest pasture....

and finally the outdoor ring.  We have not had enough rain to get the grass growing there and it was a dust ball.

As soon as I got in the house I took a shower filthy, covered with dust and dirt.
Put on a nightgown and took it easy for the rest of the afternoon.  Did some laundry, changed bedding, and watched a movie.
Went out for chores after 6 and it was still pretty hot.

This boy was panting most of the day.

And these boys always seem ready to go in their stalls.

It should be cooler tomorrow.  Gary was kind enough to put an air conditioner in the bedroom window so it will be comfortable after my procedure.
Had some fruit hanging around so I put it together.  Fresh pineapple, mango, tangerines and bananas with a splash of orange juice.  Just perfect for a hot day.
I had some leftover chicken and gravy so we put it on a couple slices of toast and that was dinner.  An unusual combo, but so good.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

It looks like you have a lot of pasture. I mow around the end of June to cut the weeds. You may as well give up on Seamus, he determined! Your light, bright salad looks perfect with the chicken and gravy. We had a high of 52 today, I light the fire this evening.