The Rebel


Friday, May 20, 2022

Mowing The First Pasture...

A coolish morning that turned into the low 80s.  The Rebel was waiting for me.

As soon as I finished chores I mowed the small pasture.  I want to get them all done before next Friday when I go to Strong Hospital to get the pacemaker.
When that was done I decided to mow the lawn.  Scott was fixing the tire for the John Deere so I used our old lawn tractor and it actually did a much more even job.

A huge baseball tournament (The NCAA Division Regionals) was taking place at the college and the Brockport High School Boosters were running a concession stand (for the whole weekend).  Jenny is the head of that organization and works hard to support the sports her kids have participated in.
By then it was in the 80s and muggy and I did not feel all that great, so we watched for several innings and then left.  Brockport was ahead while we were there and ended up losing by 1 run to Baldwin Wallace.  The teams were so well matched!

It was nice to get back to the farm as the house was so nice and cool and I was back in my comfort zone.  By the way....did I tell you that I am not allowed to drive until after the surgery?
For a change we had dinner before chores.  I bought an extra pizza from the concession stand (they bought too many) and all I had to do was make a salad.

Fine with me.

Tucked in my buddies and now I have the rest of the night off.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

No stress, no heavy work, no driving, you could almost sit back and be a lady of leisure, like in the olden days.Hope you cope with being a passenger until the magic Pacemaker is fitted.

Sandra said...

Enjoy taking it easy, you'll be back at it soon enough. I love iris!