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Monday, May 23, 2022

The Count Down.

Not quite 60 today, but full of sunshine.

They started working up the soil next to our farm, getting ready to fertilize and plant.  Huge equipment.
The romaine and spinach are really starting to grow.
After speaking to someone at Strong Hospital about my procedure I was given a step by step description about everything and it made me feel a little better.  I should be in there for four hours and know what to expect.  I need to wear a sling at night so I don't raise my left arm above my head and had already decided to wear one when out in the barn so I don't do it by accident.  6 weeks and no lifting over 12 pounds.  I can drive 3 days after the pacemaker has been "installed."  Gary drove me to Brockport where I got a Covid Test and had bloodwork done.  After that we picked up shavings and grain at Tractor Supply and a major load of groceries at Wegmans.  All stocked up and hopefully I will be able to cool it for a few days.
When we got back to the farm we had lunch and continued working on the back porch.  Repotted a couple Norfolk Pines that must be over 30 years old.

Things are starting to shape up.

Our kitchen garden (so far) has carrots, greens, tomatoes, herbs and some bell peppers are going in soon.

Evening chores a little after 6.

Seamus still had his mask on but he pulled in down from his ears.

A very simple dinner.  Grilled corn on the cob and a salad.

Night all.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with your procedure.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog-Lisa

Nancy J said...

4 hours, I'm so glad that you know what to expect, and are prepared for the sling and no lifting. behaving in recovery time is what we all have to do these days. Guess what, the Dr in our local hospital has diagnosed me with shingles!!! So I can join you in laying very quietly for a while, even at this distance. Tuesday here, counting your days too XXX

Sandra said...

I'm so glad you were given detailed information, it makes all the difference. Your porch looks quite nice and inviting and your kitchen garden is orderly! All the farmers are planting now around us. The geldings will be on pasture all day tomorrow and the mares start being introduced to pasture tomorrow. You have my best wishes for your procedure.