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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Non stop.....

 No rest for the wicked today.
 After chores I met with a friend to discuss Senior Center issues.  We are doing our best to get a committee going that will come up with some ideas for keeping it open.
 At 1 I went down to the Strasser Studio where Sundays on the Canal was being held.  Today we were entertained by Grupo Cultural Latinos en Rochester (music and dance).

 There must have been at least 30 performers and the costumes were gorgeous.
 A combination of children and adults.
 This young man really had the moves!

 On the way home I had to stop at Wegmans as we were having surprise visitors for dinner.  They were cruising the canal and planned to spend the night in Brockport.  Gary and Jim were in college together (SUNY Brockport). Gary picked me some rhubarb so I could make a tart.  He also did some flower arranging.

I decided to make some carrot and zucchini vegetti and was able to get that done early.
 In the meantime, a neighbor stopped over for some questions about the Senior Center.  I had to work and talk at the same time.

 Gary worked on the porch
 and I set the table.

 Karen moved in this afternoon and will be here until her apartment is ready.  She was kind enough to do chores tonight.

The Tart turned out great...
 I got a nice salad ready...spinach, cucumber, onion and carrot from our garden...added tomatoes and Greek olives.
 Gary picked everyone up at the Welcome Center around 5:30
 and when they arrived, we sat out on the porch while Gary grilled some chicken.
Jim (on the right) is a Doo Wop fan, as am I, so I put on my favorite CD.  We both know the same songs.  He played a few examples on the piano and my guitar.  I could sing those songs all night long.

 I stirfried the zucchini, carrots and a couple of onions, then topped it off with Romano cheese.  Also had
 a side of corn on the cob.

 I really liked the rhubarb tart format...no top crust, no crumbly topping...fewer cals and still delish.
Everyone left just before dark and here I am...still trying to load videos.  It sure goes faster when they come from Jenny's phone.
Night all.


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