Monday, September 26, 2022

Where's the Rainbow?

In the 50s and pouring with the sun out.

While Janet and I were cleaning the stalls Ronin decided to come in and wander around every single one...including the hay stall.

They put up with a lot of rain today.

At 1 some friends came over for a little Jam.  Three of us played ukes and Doug played bass.  Linda brought along a quilt she just finished so I could check it out.
I had put the heater on earlier and it was so warm we had to turn it off for the rest of the afternoon.
This is the first time we played together and went over 3 hours worth of songs.

Little Wonder had no problem drum!

We had our first new blossom since moving the plants inside.  It was so windy this afternoon it would have been blown off on the porch.
At chore time Seamus was soaked and muddy....again.

The house was cold, so we started a fire this afternoon.
Chicken and gravy on our home grown spuds for dinner.
Night all.


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Nancy J said...

All ponies who roll need a mud coloured coat. Beautiful Hibiscus.