Thursday, September 1, 2022


Perfect the 60s.

After chores I finished mowing the rest of the pastures.
Now that they have turned green, the grass is really starting to grow.

Little Wonder was out with me from 7:30-11.  He is such a trooper.
The rain we had last week sure helped fill in the outdoor arena.

Next on the agenda....I picked some raspberries, cucumbers and tomatoes.

At one I was at the library for bridge.  Did not do well at all.
I did share some tomatoes and cucumbers.
While I was gone, Gary made another pot of sauce and told me that some friends were coming up for tomatoes.  I gave them a call and asked if they had dinner plans and they said they would be happy to join us for some pasta at 6:30.  Love to make last minute plans.
At 5 I got organized and started by chopping up some onions.

Also put together a simple salad.
Seeing that we always have some kind of pasta in the house I figured I could put something together in a short time.  Added cherry tomatoes to the onions....then went out to do chores.

Finished everything just before Rich and Joan F. arrived so we would be able to sit right down and eat.
Linguine with butter/olive oil and Romano cheese topped with the onions and tomatoes.
Delicious and so easy.
Watched the President's speech before they went home.  It was a good one.
Night all.

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