Wednesday, August 31, 2022

So Cool....

Loved the way it felt outside today.  Much of the time it was in the 60s.

Gary spends a lot of time out on the porch off the kitchen.  Especially during breakfast and lunch or when he is reading.  Today he made a big batch of sauce and picked 1/2 a bushel of tomatoes for a friend who is doing the same.
Mid morning I mowed the lawn.

Little Wonder and I took it easy for awhile, then we went out to the
Studio as Linda B. came over to learn how to play a baritone uke.  She had a gazillion songs on her computer and

as she is a great guitar player, she was playing the uke in minutes.

She left at 4:30 and then it was crash time for me and LW until

No cooking tonight.  We went to Fazool's as I was given a gift certificate for my birthday (by Janet).

I expected rain, but instead the sunset was gorgeous.

Night all.



Terra said...

Your horses always look so graceful and have shiny coats, and that was a nice birthday gift for the restaurant meal.

Sandra said...

Little Wonder's face! <3 It was hot yesterday, it's hot today and it will be hot tomorrow. BAH!