The Rebel


Monday, August 8, 2022

An Interesting Day

Another sweaty, muggy morning.  This is how it looked at 7am.

After the horses were fed and waiting to go outside....

Janet discovered that Ronin lost a shoe.  We looked all over the place and eventually she found it in his stall.  Good news.

They had some good moments before Rebel got into his charging mode.
Together for 5 hours.
I packed up a basket to take down to my friend Hanny and left the farm after 10.
Her gardens were gorgeous!
Hanny reads my Journal and knew all about Rebel stepping on my camera.  She was also aware of the rip off prices for replacement cameras and.....since she never uses her Canon Powershot.....she gave it to me!  That penny I found yesterday produced some serious luck!  So grateful!  I will have to keep her in veggies and relish for the rest of the season.
Little Wonder and I went out to the garden and I picked half a bucket of cucumbers.  It looks like the San Marzano tomatoes are starting to turn red.
As a treat during our siesta time, I made us a peach/banana/strawberry smoothie and it was perfect on this roasting afternoon.  Our house has really knuckled under and the kitchen was at 75 degrees this morning because we were not able to open the windows last night (80 degrees when we went to bed).
The living room was at 78.  It's a good thing we have fans.

We had a five minute spritz this afternoon....and some wind....but it was still very hot during evening chores.

Ronin has figured out how to find his stall on his own.  He is really a special horse.

No fancy cooking tonight....we just had French toast and it tasted great.
Night all.

I rode The Rebel for the first time on this day in 2018.  Need to get back to riding when it cools off.



SmartAlex said...

That is why horse shoes are lucky. Whenever some non-horse person questions the origins of that I tell them how hard it is to find the darn things. Whenever we dig up an old horseshoe here on the farm I think back to the farmer who couldn't find it and had to have a new one made.

Anonymous said...

Hanny - you are a gem to give your camera to Lori so we get to see all her pictures of her days. And it’s a good day to see we are closer to seeing justice ending the puke of the last president. Kathy

Sandra said...

How great is that getting the camera from your friend! It's been fairly mild the last couple of days. A big relief.