Sunday, August 7, 2022

Three Hours

 I already did this post once and had to start over.  Let's see if I can do it right this time.  Until 7pm tonight, Brockport was under a heat advisory.  The temperature was 91 but it felt like 98 and I was soaking wet by the end of chores.  The ponies spent 3 hours together....Rebel was still doing some charging but hopefully that is not going to last much longer.  Ronin could not be sweeter.  By the way, my camera is shot and I dug out two old ones hoping that I can use them.  Looked on line to buy another Canon Powershot Elph and the price has gone from $159 (last year) to nearly $400.  Are you kidding?  For a point and shoot?  I just may have to learn how to use my phone and will take fewer photos.

Seeing that the outdoor ring was wet from the rain yesterday, I mowed it and did not get covered with dirt and dust.  It has not filled in yet....this drought has slowed everything down.

2pm has turned into siesta time....

I took Little Wonder out this afternoon... he took a quick roll and wanted to go back in by the fan.

All the ponies needed to be sponged before dinner.

It's still going to be hot tomorrow.
Night all.

Here are more shots from our Pickle Jam yesterday.  

We've got this down!


Val Ewing said...

What about replacing your ELPH with an older model that is cheaper or going with another brand?
But your cell phone seems to take really good photos so that is a good choice too.

Too hot here for indoor cooking. More rain too! Mudsville.

thecrazysheeplady said...

My phone is sure convenient and it does take decent pictures, but if you are going to cut down your photography it's sure not a good trade off! Try B&H. Looks like they have some ELPHS in the $230 range.

Sandra said...

I love the security for the pickles! We may be sending cooler weather, it was 57 this morning. We got rain! It's good to see the boys settling down. Or is it one boy? ;)