The Rebel


Friday, August 19, 2022

The Farrier

It's heating up again.

The farrier was here by 9.  Both boys were great.

Picked a lot of cucumbers today.

Jenny, Scott, Coop and Finn were joining us for dinner.

Steph's last night before her long ride to Daniela's.

Coop and Finn loaded up her truck and she will be ready to go in the morning.

Night all.
I am so tired.



Nancy J said...

Are you on any meds with the pacemaker? Maybe they need to check your heart rate? Blood pressure? or as a last resort Vitamin B12 levels!!! They all make a huge difference to my energy, which at the moment is at an all time low!! Even the though of doing anything much at all is tiring. Love the family meals together, the golden flowers, they are so beautiful, both lots. XX from a dry part of NZ, where in other places homes have been demolished by landslides after 1-100 year rainfalls.

Sandra said...

I love seeing family around that large, beautiful table! I hope you got rest and feel refreshed.