Thursday, August 11, 2022

Back and Forth

Boy!  Did we ever hit the weather jackpot today!  70s and very little humidity.

The ponies had their best day yet.

I raked the indoor as the Vet was coming to see how Ronin is doing and they wanted him to move on this surface.  She said he is greatly improved and can start going back to work.  He was very calm and sound at the walk and trot.  She and Janet were very pleased.  They think he is doing well because of the peaceful vibe and having the opportunity to sack out in a stall filled with thick bedding.

I picked another bucket of cucumbers after chores.  
More and more tomatoes are starting to turn.
I also picked some flowers and packed a box full of veggies for Lorna, whose birthday was yesterday.
She was my partner at bridge today.

No sooner did I get home....had to turn around and drive Gary down to the Welcome Center for Summer Serenades.  Our friends, Jana and Mike, arrived today and were already docked when we got there.

Little Wonder was very happy to be off the farm and
loved his ride in the car.
I got back home around 5:45 and had to go out and do chores.

Didn't get back to the Welcome Center until a little before 7.
The Don Newcomb band was playing.  I want to learn this song.
After grabbing a hot dog at Port Pockets (they were set up there), we went down by the Canal and sat with Jana, Mike and their dog....Millie.

They are going to spend some time with us at the farm tomorrow.

Home before 9 and I am so ready to go to bed.  Woke up way too early this morning.
Night all.



lilysgrannie said...

We play Amarillo in our ukulele club and it's always a fun song to sing and play.

Sandra said...

Another busy and fun day! We had a good rain this morning, makes me very happy.