Monday, September 5, 2022

Rainy Days And Mondays....

It rained all day long and was in the 60s.  Felt good, but it put me into a sleep zone this afternoon.

After chores I rallied enough to go to Wegmans for 4 items and ended up with two full bags.

When I got back to the farm I worked on some pasta salad to have on hand.  It's so much better the next day.  I forgot to buy a couple pieces of salami and will have to add that tomorrow.

From then on, Little Wonder and I were comatized.....

Out for chores at 6.  All the horses were wet and had rolled.

Fortunately for them, I had put up three hay nets in case they wanted to hang out under the shed roof.

Dinner was the exact replay from last night.
We ate the squash pie cold and it was just as good as it was hot.

Night all.


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Sandra said...

We are heading back into heat and humidity. Maybe rain on Friday. I simply love LW's sweet face. I placed a pick-up order at Aldi for this afternoon. I stay out of the grocery store, not just because of Covid but because of mobility problems. That's now my main reason. I'm so happy they do curbside. Those equines have wonderful lives!