Saturday, September 24, 2022

Rain is on the Way

There was a little drama in the sky this morning.

Still chilly, but we must have gotten up to 60 later on.
This is how the widow in the grooming room turned out.  We had this very thick plexiglass that used to be in our neighbor's greenhouse...a lot thicker than regular glass...and by adding a couple of extra boards it fit into the space perfectly.  Like wearing sunglasses.
Mid morning a man drove in the driveway to take photos of our property for our new insurance company.  He thinks we are living in "a slice of heaven."

Until evening chores, we had brilliant sunshine and I tried to take better photos of the plants we brought in yesterday.  They have grown a lot.

The two Boston ferns in the dining room are so old I can't believe they are still alive.  Two different friends gave them to us as they were going to dump them when it got cold (as they are too messy).  No problem here.  They have never looked so healthy and I just have to sweep up the leaves once in awhile.

The plant hanging from "Mr. Bill" looked dead yesterday, but it is making a comeback.

When I went out for evening chores, Janet was finishing up a ride on Ronin.  It's all a new place for him and considering they were out there by themselves he was a very good boy!

Little Wonder saw no reason to hurry when we were on our way back to the house.
This morning I made chicken salad and chicken and gravy out of last nights leftover roasted chicken.  We will have that another day.  Chickened out.  Pizza and salad for dinner.

Night all.



Anonymous said...

It’s nice seeing Janet enjoying your slice of Heaven riding her horse. Pizza is always a favorite here. We went to Five Guys for a burger which we hadn’t done in over 3 years but boy it tasted very good with those good fries they serve. I could have bought 4 burgers for what mine ($9.00) cost so I reminded myself we don’t do this often. Kathy

Sandra said...

I think the insurance is spot on! I love your interior, and I remembered you by the chair when I came back to blogging! Janet has a good boy in Ronin.