Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Another beautiful day...coolish.

The ponies were frisky.

Some friends were stopping on their way back to Ohio and I was supposed to make lunch.  They ended up being two hours late, so Gary and I ate without them....
and I was out in the Studio for a rehearsal at 12:30.  Our last practice before our gig at the Harvest Festival on Saturday.

Our drummer called in with Covid, so there will only be four of us.  Little Wonder lasted the entire time and ended up sleeping through most of the music.

After Tom and Kay arrived Gary took them on a tour and they came into the Studio for a listen.
Before evening chores I wanted to sit down for awhile and fell asleep until 6:10.  Gary woke me up and I was back on duty.  I must have needed some zzzzzzzs.

Ronin lost another shoe.  He lost the other one last week and is on a roll in that department.

The Rebel came in covered with mud and no mask.
We went to Fazools' to use a gift certificate so I did not have to make dinner.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

They missed a good lunch! Every time I see LW I want to hug him, it would be my luck he doesn't like that. Bummer about the drummer, hopefully he doesn't feel ill.