Thursday, September 15, 2022

Cool Enough For Leek And Potato Soup

This is definately my kind of weather.

After chores I picked the pastures and can't remember a time when the grass was more beautiful.
This little pup and his 3 brothers greeted me when I was near the back fence.  They live in the house behind us and would love to tell Little Wonder and the horses what to do.
Janet is always helping me to keep the property free of manure.

I never realized that Seamus likes to hang out under this tree.

Loves rubbing up against it.
His own little hide out.
At 1 I drove down to the library to play bridge.  Very mediocre hands.  When I got back to the farm Gary had pulled out some leeks and potatoes so I ended up making soup.

Out for evening chores around 6 and it was still perfect in the weather department.

Tucked in the ponies.....

and then it was our turn to eat.  The soup was divine!
Night all.


Anonymous said...

Good choice for a soup! I have never made it from scratch. Kathy

Nancy J said...

Soup that has been through the Whizz is perfect. In my early days as a wife, I had a hand driven mouli !!! Love Seamus and his very own tree.

Sandra said...

Potato leek soup is one of my favorites! That little gut looks ready to take care of business. :) There isn't anyway I could keep my pastures free of manure. Yours are prettier than mine.