Friday, September 9, 2022

Nothing Exciting

A gorgeous day.

Ronin lost a shoe in his stall yesterday and he was wearing a boot today as the farrier was coming 5:30 to put it back on.

One of my former students arrived at 10am for a private lesson in the Studio.  It felt good to help her with a project.  Much of the time was spent catching up.
After that I picked a basket of the yellow orange tomatoes and decided to make one more batch of sauce without any San Marzanos.

Then Little Wonder and I went down to Country Max for some Senior Feed and fly spray.  I could not believe how much the price of the fly spray has increased.  We are being taken to the cleaners.

I put the fan on for the ponies when we got home as it was over 80 by this afternoon.

I managed to read for awhile and LW would not stay off my lap.
At chore time I put Seamus

and Rebel in their stalls while Janet and Ronin finished up with the farriers.

They were finished 5 minutes later.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

I roasted more tomatoes yesterday and made pesto with the dried tomatoes.Those yellow tomatoes look delicious. And, yes, we are being taken to the cleaners. It's infuriating.