Friday, September 30, 2022

Rice and Beans

A crisp, beautiful day.  37 when I went out to the barn.

After chores I washed a horse blanket, got my hair cut and took a short break.

I have called the guy I buy my hay from for the past 5 weeks and so far he has not delivered.  I should have enough for the year by now and today I started looking for other options.
I like getting second cutting grass and if he keeps lollygagging it will all be gone.
I managed to wrangle a truckload and have a delivery coming tomorrow morning.  If I like it, will buy more.
Our friend Mary Pat arrived at 2:30 for the night and we have been chatting non stop.
Evening chores at six....

then we sat by the fire and 
eventually had dinner.
Rice and beans with a nice salad.
Taking it easy for the rest of the evening.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

A friend down here says that having a shed full of firewood is as good as a barn full of hay. She has horses too.!!!

Val Ewing said...

Goodness, I sure hope you get your hay! I understand what you are going through.

Sandra said...

That face of LW melts me! I don't have any of my round bails yet but the squares have been tricking in. I get nervous because if I have to buy from someone else I have to pay going rate. I've been a customer of Bob for 25 years so he raises the cost but not as much.

Nancy J, I agree with your friend!