Saturday, September 19, 2020


 Chilly Willy.


At 1 we went to our first drive thru birthday party, where we dropped 
off a present and picked up box lunches.
Stopped for some drinks and parked at the Welcome Center to eat our lunches.
As soon as we sat down, two boats were ready to go under the Main Street Bridge.

More bounty today.

It was so cold inside we had our first fire.

Our friend Ed Chapman, made this little unit for Gary's shoes.  Works perfectly on the back porch.

There is something about cool weather that makes me want to cook, so today I made a rustic tart...

and some chicken soup.

We went out to do evening chores and it's starting to get dark so much earlier.

The quartet was ready for dinner.

There was a beautiful sunset tonight, but I did not have the energy to chase it.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Loved the bridge video, and your first fire, we will almost be at our last, really hot today down here.