Friday, September 4, 2020

Nice and Cool Today....

Started off wearing a sweatshirt....felt so good.

After chores I grabbed a shower and thought I would try to take a picture of myself for the record.  How did I look at age 77 on September 4th, 2020?  I have a hot it from the side.  Above or below really distorts your face.  Actually, I wish my blogging friends would do this so I could see who I have been talking to all these years.

Eventually I went to Wegmans for a few things and spent the rest of the day vegging.

Mid afternoon (Scott, the jack of all trades) stopped over to
remove a couple of stumps
from the side lawn.
Gary had cut the trees down a few months ago.
Once again, he was a very big help to us and we appreciate it.
After he left, the pups and I delivered a basket of tomatoes
to the Staubitz family.
They would like to ride in the car every day.

Meatball sandwiches for dinner.

Night all.


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