Monday, March 14, 2022

Poof....It Was Gone!

Pretty amazing sunrise.

We still had a couple of inches of white stuff on the ground.

Fortunately, the sun started melting it and the light inside the kitchen was beautiful.

I went out around 11 to take sheets off, but it was windy and only 41.
At 1 there was a meeting at the Community Center....
and I had an appointment with the Massage Therapist at 3.  My body has been a wreck since the end of February when I moved too much hay and other heavy stuff.
When I got back to the farm I took off the horse's sheets and gave them an opportunity to roll.

Surprise, Surprise.  They even had the indoor and neither of them got dirty.  They are shedding tho.

Cooling off tomorrow, but then we are headed for some warmer temps....60s on Thursday.
I was in the mood for pizza tonight, but instead we decided to go down to 58 Main for dinner.

Brought home a snack for Little Wonder.
Night all.


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