Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Good Light

Quite a bit of sunshine today.  Back to grass for the moment.

We had a dusting of snow and a brief squall before the sun came out and stuck around.

It was laundry day and changed sheets on the bed before working on some chicken and gravy for tomorrow nights dinner.  I get so many meals out of one 6 pound chicken!

I also made a pot of stock.
This is how the roof looks on Gary's barn.  I spoke to the insurance adjuster after chores and he should be here next week to access the damage on both barns.  I've had it with shingles.

Around 5 I left for Heritage Bell Farm to pick up 2 loaves of Challah bread.  The light was so rich.
Carina has grown an amazing number of customers who buy baked goods 
along with products made by other locals.  Alpaca socks, flower arrangements, eggs, cookies, fudge, maple syrup, apples and so much more.
Her husband turned their front porch into her "store." There are four very long shelves that hold a basket for each person's order with their name on it.   As you can see, she must bake for nearly 40 or more each week.  You order by Sunday, from the list of items she is making that week (she also posts the items made by her friends) and you pick up between 4 and 6 on Tuesdays.  Before her business got to this point, my art students would order a ton of goodies that she would deliver to us during class and take our orders for the next week.  That was several years ago, and look at her now!
Her farm is very close to ours, and on the way home I just had to grab some shots of the sky

You can see our farm from the corner of her street.

I am loving all the green.

The Rebel
and Seamus rolled again.

Tucked them in around 5:45....
and went in the house for dinner.  The Challah bread and
the rest of the chicken salad on greens.  Another replay.
Night all.



Val Ewing said...

Will you have the roof replaced with a metal roof? We have a metal roof on our sheds and we have it on the house also.

Dee said...

Dear Lori, I don't think I've ever told you that your postings bring be a great dollop of peace each time I come to your site. Reading about what you are doing, your friends and their doings, seeing the animals with whom you share your life, learning about the food you are cooking for supper and of your venturing hither and yon always makes me smile and feel a great sense of contentment. Thank you for that. In the midst of the turbulence in our world, you are a haven. Peace.

Sandra said...

You live in an engaging community. The bread looks beautiful, I think I must make Challah again.

Lori Skoog said...

Dee...Thank you so much for your very kind words. First Covid changed my life, and now the situation in Ukraine has turned me into an even more emotional person. I so wish for peace.