Wednesday, March 9, 2022


We ended up in the low 40s and the sun appeared early evening.

Rebel and Seamus took some interest in the small pasture today and I also opened up the outdoor arena.
I can count on them to roll as much as possible.

We took it easy this afternoon and I had a chance to have long phone conversations with two of my favorite friends.   It's what keeps us sane.

I will be very happy to have good light for more hours.  Only a few days until we change our clocks one hour forward.

I'm getting in my groove for evening chores.

Chicken, peas and carrots in gravy over mashed potatoes for dinner.
Made a few deviled eggs and some (1940s) jello with carrots and walnuts.  Very old fashioned....
Night all.



Anonymous said...

Yummy comfort food for dinner. Sunshine did feel good later in the afternoon. Love to see those kitties all snug as a bug and the horses keeping each other company. Cozy farm life. Kathy

Val Ewing said...

Looks like the horses are getting along quite well! We had an amazing supper too, only my meals never look as nice as yours!
Yippee for time change!

Sandra said...

I love that pony face! Everyone looks cozy and content. I think I'm one of the few who does not welcome daylight saving time. I grump about it until changes back!