Tuesday, March 1, 2022


 My body is aching tonight.  I spent four hours in the feed room throwing out stuff that I will never use, that has been hanging around for decades.  It was a dreary day, but in the 40s.

Little Wonder is never too excited about getting up in the morning.
But!  He did stay in the barn with me for three of the four hours.
I used to put hay in the feed room, but now it's in a small stall and I was able to change everything around.  I still have a little more to do, but it seems much bigger.

If Seamus sees me opening up the door to the feed room he thinks it's ok to join me.  Here he is making his exit.

Around 2 I dragged myself out to the grooming room and brought both of the boys in for a grooming.  I was not able to get good photos of Seamus, but it was nice to see his hairy paint body.
Rebel watched while I groomed him....
then it was his turn.
As the afternoon wound down it started to rain.
LW didn't care.

At 4:30 I drove over to Heritage Bell Farm to pick up a couple dozen eggs.  Beauties!
By the time I got home and started dinner it was chore time.  Before going in his stall, Seamus always cruises the area.
They both had wet blankets.

Dinner was delicious.  Boneless pork chops made with onions, carrots, a marinade (topped with dijon honey mustard), pilaf (with the au jus) and a cucumber, onion, tomato, yellow pepper and crouton salad.
I think I'm going to go look for the heating pad.
Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Even in your words you sound tired, I think a very quiet day tomorrow is in order. Love the wee fellow, such a beauty with that black and white coat.