Monday, March 28, 2022

Two Very Smart Cookies....

Just plain nasty this morning.  Had to be 0 with the wind.

First I put hay for Rebel and Seamus behind the grooming room...

Then I put more hay behind the indoor to keep them out of the wind, and brought out a couple gallons of hot water.

We alternated between squalls and sunshine...but the wind never stopped.
I saw my first Robin....he must have been freezing.
Seeing that I woke up before 5 I was pretty tired, and took a very long nap with my buddies.

This morning I left the gate open that leads to Angel's old stall (at the end of the aisle) so the horses could go in there if they wanted to.  When I went out to do evening chores (earlyish), I walked in the barn and there they were!  The stall is about 18x18 and they were both hanging out.  So smart!  Nice and cozy compared to outside.  I'm going to do that again tomorrow.

Got them tucked in and then we had an instant replay for dinner.
Tomorrow it should be above freezing.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

If they are smart cookies , little Seamus could be called " Peanut Brownie", so smart to get in out of that freezing weather.

Sandra said...

They get along so well. I'm sorry we have been sending you this weather.