Sunday, March 27, 2022

Winter Has Returned

And with a vengeance.  It was so cold with the wind I put Rebel and Seamus in their stalls by 2pm.

Fortunately the wind was blocked by the grooming room, so I put some of their hay there.

I made a quick trip to Wegmans before Gary headed down to the last Winter Serenades Concert.  It was spectacular!  Nice person that I am....went out to put the ponies in their stalls with some nice hay and warm water to get them out of the weather and they were very suspicious of me wanting to do that so early.  They were in the outdoor arena and it kept the wind off them, so I needed to bribe them by shaking some grain.

Once again, I shot some videos from my computer.  What a great and different format for this concert.  Michael Lasser (who was on XXI for decades) spoke about "Fascinatin' Rhythms....Songs from the Great American Songbook" and the two singers, Alan Jones and Jessica Ann Best sang them.  Just outstanding!

In the meantime, I made some chicken and gravy with peas and carrots.  I used to make turkey tetrazzini, but tonight I turned it into the chicken version.  Just sprinkled on some Romano cheese and it was delicious!
I turned Seamus and Rebel out at chore time so I could set up the stalls and clean them.
They were not that excited about being back out in the wind.
Dinner was delicious.  I will do this again!

Night all.
At 7am it's going to feel like zero!!!!!

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Nancy J said...

You should be having warmer days every day. Those ponies, why would they want to be out there???