Thursday, March 24, 2022

Hi Ho Silver

Hello sunshine.

Boom!  Sheets were off by 9.

I subbed for bridge at the library this afternoon.  We came in dead last.
I did not get home until 5 as I stopped at Wegmans when we were finished.
When it was chore time, Rebel was standing under the shed roof and Seamus was not in sight.
I walked back toward the big pasture and there he was.
I gave him a whistle and he ran right in!

It was about 57 degrees today and we are headed toward snow by the weekend.  Not happy
Gary grilled burgers and I made a corn salad for dinner.  Yum.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

Our weather is bouncing around, too. Today the wind is howling and my horses are staying in, no one needs to be run over. We are under a high wind warning. A grilled burger does sound good.