Saturday, March 12, 2022

Morning Chores....Evening Chores

We did get the snow that was predicted and other than going to Tractor Supply to buy a gate and Weggies for a few things......I vegged most of the day between chores.  Right now with the wind chill we are at 0.  It was so windy and frigid earlier, I put the horses in their stalls until evening chores.  Rebel had his stall, the aisle and Angel's old stall and Seamus had his stall and the entire run-in.  When I went out for evening chores neither wanted to go outside.  Very squally.

Little Wonder is not that hot for the return to winter and does not last for evening chores.

When I went out to the barn at looked like this.

Seamus and Rebel just wandered around inside while I reset the stalls for their dinner.

We had leftovers for ours.
Night all.

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