Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Main Street Pizzeria

A little melting took place today.

Rebel and his pony seemed to be in a nice little groove.

After chores I did some laundry and got ready to go out to lunch with our friends, Brenda and Al.
Instead of playing Mexican Train we decided to go to the Main Street Pizzeria (Batavia) for lunch.
It is so different from every other restaurant.  The quality and volume of food served is off the charts.  Brenda and I ordered the same thing.  An antipasto "side"salad (huge) and pasta bolognese.

Gary started off with the soup special (beef and orzo)....
followed by a fish sandwich special! It came with fries, pasta salad and coleslaw.  The sandwich was the size of a submarine!

Al ordered a pizza calzone that looked delicious.
Their menu is ginormous and they make their own bread, pasta and salad dressings.  If you have never been there, it is worth the ride.
We were all stuffed when we were left and even took some of our leftovers home.
In need of a nap and a warm fire.
Evening chores.  Seamus and Rebel were ready to go in as soon as they saw me, but they had to wait while I picked the small pasture.

Little Wonder was thrilled not to be wearing his red coat.
Night all.


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