Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm

Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm
“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Very chilly this morning, but bright.

Back to the yellow sunrise.
The pups and I went out to do chores...I grained the horses and was starting on the stalls when Barb P. arrived to check out the chore routine. Her horse will be coming here on the 1st and she will be helping me 10 days each month. It will be a pleasure to catch a break once in awhile. This morning we worked on the stall so it will be ready for some new mats. Randy is going to help me put up a stall wall on Monday. Pony will now go back to a normal sized stall (currently she is in a space that is 30 feet long).

Anyway, I fed the horses in the pasture again. Not so much wind today.

Bill A. picked up Gary this morning and took him down to Java for coffee. A very nice thing to do and it was a good break from the house.

At 11:30 I did some errands. Tina was kind enough to print out some posters for our art opening (one week from today), so I picked them up and they were placed in a few shops in the village.
As I drove around a couple blocks, I decided to show you a little more of Brockport.

On the way home I stopped at the Highway Department to pick up 7 gallons of water and got the shot below (of the barn across the street). Love this building!
Considering the rain we had, the fields are drying up very well.
Got back to the farm and Ryan B. stopped in. I thought he was here to visit Gary, but he actually came to deliver my guitar. It needed some repairs, and since he builds guitars I asked if he could fix it for me. This is a classical Guild Mark III that I bought at the Syracuse University Bookstore when I was in graduate school. It was used when I got it (1965) and payed $260. Today it would be a collectors item if it did not have the updated repairs. Who would have thunk? I have not played it for a very long time and my fingers are like mush on the strings.
You will have to tune into the video below...Ryan (who has played in many bands) played and sang for me. He is also a photographer and gave me tons of tips on my if I could only apply them!
About 10 minutes after he left, Ulpie came up to visit Gary.
They sat by the fire and enjoyed the conversation.
He made some outstanding carrot/pineapple muffins. I just might have to go have one.

Went out to do chores around 6:45. It was gorgeous. In the coming week the temperature should get into the 60s and maybe 70. I'll take it.

The abstraction below is Masterpiece moving outside the doors to the barn.
There he is....

A filthy boy!
The sky was blue....the moon was out.
We had dinner theater tonight...A meal and a movie. We like to watch foreign films. This one was pretty depressing.
Now it's late and I am finally finished. Don't forget the video!
Night all.

Ryan doing a demo on my repaired guitar.


  1. Beautiful guitar - hope you do some playing again.

    I love the photos you take of your town - it's like a virtual visit!

  2. What a delightfully busy day.

    I love the buildings.

  3. The video was fun. Even the pups put in an appearance.
    Thanks, Mike.

  4. Love the buildings and the guitar. The video was neat with the doggie background.!

  5. Love the guitar music! You're getting the camera stuff down. I'm sure you'll put the hints to good use!

  6. Oh Lori...I just love the red well as your cozy fire place!

  7. Gorgeous building all...loved that BIG RED BARN!

    Hay..I am so surprised...I said aloud to myself..if this Sundays Stills was not made for Lori, I'd be surprised!
    You did not post?!!!
    Pray all is well dear!

  8. Ryan was awesome! Love the tune.

  9. Oh nooooooo - did you have to show those photos. My whole being is aching to be there!

    On another note, my husband makes electric guitars, from a slab of wood - just beautiful.

    And one question - you get water at the Highway Department?

  10. Hey - I too have a collectible guitar...and mushy fingers. Someday!

  11. Whew! Do you ever slow down? Your days are so full and busy with friends, visitors, meals, chores, and activities. I just don't know how you do it. I'm tired just contemplating it. I bet it was wonderfully fun, though.
    You seem to have a wealth of good folks who enjoy visiting and spending time together with you and Gary. How blessed you are. Ryan has a wonderful voice and plays beautifully. I liked the dogs joining in, too. hehe!

    Oh! And thanks for the tour. Ivory Soap...It Floats! And 'Go Ask Alice'. You have some interesting sights in your cozy little town. Reminds me of typical Small Town America. Nice to see that towns like that still exist. :)


  12. Oh! And I almost forgot....why 7 gallons of water brought home from the highway department?



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