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Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's amazing that the color of the sky can change so much very quickly.

Most of the orange was gone this morning....

and the temperature probably settled in just below 50 degrees.

I decided to let the horses go in the biggest pasture today, and as soon as I opened the door...Dream was right out there.

I had to call her a few times so she would come in for her grain.

Of course she had to roll first.

All the horses look pretty scruffy, waiting to unload their winter coats.

I'm finding out what it would be like to totally run this place on my own...it is quite an adjustment! Gary finally gave in to some ibprofen ...it's about time. It will be a quite awhile before he is able to do much, so I am picking up some serious slack. (He always did the dishes, dumped the manure, put the water buckets in the stalls, helped me pick the stalls on the weekends, dumped the garbage, did his own laundry blah, blah, blah).

Meanwhile...the horses loved going out on the pasture...totally ignored their morning hay for hours.

I joined them for an hour and picked up any leftover manure from the winter.

As you can see, our ditch has standing water in it...very convenient for getting a drink.

Pretty clean huh???

Below is PC (Masterpiece) who gave me heart failure last night when he went down (because he was running on his bum knee) and could not get up. Thank heavens Skoog women are strong and Jenny was able to help me take care of the situation. Can you see his blown up knee? It has been that way for about 2 years. Interestingly enough, at 31 he remains to have a decent quality of life. He will look buff when that coat takes a hike.

I went down to Wegmans to pick up a major load of groceries. They were grilling hot dogs outside the store, so of course I had to pick up some for home. No will power, they smelled so good. OK lunch for me!

While I was gone, our good friend Deb stopped over with some reading material and some treats. Unfortunately, Gary was unable to get to the door before she left. Thanks Deb!

When I got back I started on a pot of split pea soup and went back out to finish picking the pastures...call me nuts! This is part of my worming program, and the fecals are clean.

A little before 4 I took the horses off the big pasture and they went in the front paddock to finish up the morning hay.

The pups had some major running around time while I was outside.

Gary started out on the couch in the living room, moved to a chair with an ottoman and ended up in bed where he was out like a light. When I got in he was sleeping with a pillow covering his head. He is improving.

One of his good friends stopped up for a visit....Ulpi. He brought us a big bowl of his special fruit salad...we love it! Anyway, the dogs barked (Gary didn't wake up) I told him Ulpi was here (he keep sleeping) finally, the third time he woke with a start. Then, Jenny came up and brought chicken soup, yogurt, granola and a fabulous multi grain bread. She was kind enough to do the water for me tonight.

I am posting early, as I am going to a fund raiser at the library tonight. A photo shooting opportunity.

So, that's it for now. Maybe a night all, maybe not.


  1. Hope Gary is back on his feet again soon. It's not easy having to do it all on your own, I know.

  2. Our horses look scruffy too. At least yours aren't covered in mud like ours. I think the weather is changing for the better and the horses probably do to, maybe that's why PC felt like being silly. He looks good for a guy his age, knee and all.

    Hope Gary feels better very soon and you have a good time tonight at the fund raiser.

  3. Silly horses! Hope Gary is soon healed and back to helping you (I'm sure he feels the same). Your field looks wonderfully clean!

  4. Poor Gary. So nice that good friends have been bringing meals, watering the horses and caring for you and Gary. What a relief.

    Love seeing pics of the horses, but so sad about PC's knee. Ouch. Knees are a painful point with me know. I hope the sweeling goes down and he's doing better soon.



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