Saturday, January 23, 2010


Good Morning Mary Pat! Did you catch the sunrise? Oops, this is not a school day, you were probably sleeping in.

It was a nice start to the day. Chilly, but warmed up quickly so I could turn off the hot water heater by 9am.

Like clockwork, Dream passed me as I opened the door to the barn and scouted out the situation.

Put the hay in the pasture so the ponies could start pounding down all the spots they have been punching up. Many people would not let their horses go out on the pastures as they get dug up at this time of the year. But guess what! No matter what I do, they always are flat and the grass grows in the spring filling everything in. Spoiled ponies!

Gary helped me with chores....every weekend....

There he is working on the manure pile.

This string of snow free days has been amazing.

Look at that sad snowman....

Phoebe gave me an opportunity for a white on white shot....believe me, there is not much snow left. She is on the second day of her diet...will have to make sure she gets more exercise (she and the Gucci run around everyday....her metabolism must be like mine).

There was just enough to make the windmill turn and make my picture a little blurry.

Gucci is always anxious to get in the back yard.

Determined to catch a chipmunk....

Hurry up Mom!

At 10:30 I gathered up the pups and we went for a ride to Clarkson, where I get their dog food.
(Countryside Feed).

Look who greeted me and wanted to play!

Tipper is 7 months old now and has grown a lot. She runs around the store everyday that it is open and goes along on deliveries too.

This is one of her two buddies (the other one was outside).

Got back in the car and stopped at Wegmans for a couple of items.

This afternoon Gary went to the college to watch a basketball game and I started on dinner.

A salad with pears, apples, almonds and crumbly blue on red leaf lettuce.

BBQed drumsticks with peppers, carrots and onions.

Sweet potatoes....

Justine did chores. We are putting the horses in a little later, now that it stays light longer.

Once again I went across the street to get a couple dozen eggs (1 for us and 1 for Tina). The sky was doin' it's thing.

I was quite a bum today. Tomorrow it may hit 50 and then rain by 5. The horses will enjoy a break from their blankets and maybe I will be more motivated to do something!
Night all.


allhorsestuff said...

I am coming out of my sissy storm of horsey days...back to my life after tomorrow.
Looks better there...with normal green and brown ground showing!
We actually had a peek of the color BLUE has been grey skies ans wet for near 14 days!!
Well, I am thankful for whatever we have...good times!

diane b said...

DReam seems to have settled in. No wonder she has a lovely family and farm to live in. Gucci is as cute as ever even if a little plump. I love all your dinners I have tried a few and they have been delicious.

B : ) said...

thanks for some more delightful days and nights in your life. I just love it : )

Maery Rose said...

Dinner looks great! I am so hating the rain. Who ever heard of rain in January! Java and I are bored to death.

Victoria Cummings said...

What a lovely life you have, Lori! I'm glad you got a bit of warmth. We're due for 2 to 3 inches of rain, but also some temps in the 50's. The only sign of Spring is that all three of my orchids are full of buds and ready to bloom on my kitchen windowsill. Something to look forward to.