Thursday, January 21, 2010


Up early to an encouraging sky.

As soon as I opened the door to the barn, Dream went by me to check out the situation.

I had to hurry with chores as the dogs had a grooming appointment at 10.

I drove down on the back roads.

Everywhere I looked, there was blue.

The snowman bit the dust.

While the dogs were at the groomers, I got a haircut, went to Ryan's to get some groceries and a couple of wraps for lunch, then stopped at a shop.

Had to get some gas as I was running on fumes.

Below is a shot of the canal as it looks in the winter when it is drained.

Picked the dogs up at 2 and got home in time to turn around and go to the bank with Gary.

Sherri did a great job with Phoebe and Gucci.

A diet has been recommended for both, especially Phoebe.

Don't they look guilty?

Went out to get the mail and took a few shots of the sun going down.
Toward our house, it looked like this....still bright. Looking west, it was entirely different. Saving those shots for Skywatch Friday.

Does not look like the end of January to me....

It felt like the end of March. The sun was very strong.

At 5:15 I went out to do chores. Even tho we had a high of 37 today, it felt pretty chilly tonight. It was not dark until after 5:30.

The ponies were ready to go in.

They spent the majority of the day in the pasture.

Chow definitely motivated them to come in the barn.

Speaking of chow, we had a very light supper as our lunchtime wraps were very substantial.
I made a big salad.

All we had with it was toast. We make an effort to have some vegetarian meals every week.

Now, I really need a shower. Night all.


Anonymous said...

Love the day in photos - that chickpea salad looks wonderful!

Achieve1dream said...

Wish I could come live with you. I despise cooking so my diet sucks lol. Great pictures. Sure is nice to see a pretty blue sky.

Gayle said...

Why do you make a point of vegetarian meals? Do you think it is healthier...and if so, why don't you just do it all the time? Not meant to be snippy or judgemental...just curious. I have a few vegetarian friends, but never really asked them why. I can't imagine giving up meat...I could eat it and only it. Just wondering....

The dogs look beautiful. Wow..your weather is amazing. Here is it still chilly and we are getting nervous. We haven't had much snow this winter and if we don't get some then it will be too dry this summer and we'll have huge wildfires. Hopefully it will dump on us soon.

Take care. Hope you have a sunny day tomorrow.