Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Friday, January 22, 2010


I got off to a slow start this morning. Gary had left for his Yoga class and I didn't even know he had gotten up yet. At 7:18 I was stilling ZZZZZZZingggg.

My first clue that this was going to be a great day ... the way the sun was coming into the kitchen.

I love that feeling.

It was pretty chilly when I got out to the barn, but by the time I finished I could unplug the heater in the water trough.

The horses spent most of the day in the pasture.

With these gorgeous conditions (sunshine and dry roads) I wondered if anyone wanted to venture out to the Carlton. Made a few calls and several people were game. It's about a half hour drive from Brockport out in the boonies.

In addition to the regulars (Tina, Roger, Deb and Tom), we added Jenny, Cooper, Mel, Helen, Alicia and Herb.

Cooper is home with Jenny on Fridays, so he joined us and was a perfect gentlemen. Brought along his action figures and kept busy for over two hours.

Tina and Roger are sold on this place (as are we), and it has been fun getting more people to discover all it has to offer.

Several ordered the Classic Rueben, I had a BLT wrap, Jen had a Veggie Reuben, you can guess what Cooper had, Tom and Deb split a club sandwich and had soup, Helen had a Southwestern Wrap, Alicia had a tuna melt and Herb ordered an open faced Prime Rib sandwich. EVERYONE OF US HAD THEIR HOMEMADE FRENCH FRIES! If you go for's a must as I certainly have never had better.

Above is the Reuben.

Below is the open faced Prime Rib Sandwich.

Here is something I have never seen before. It was ordered at another table and got a LOT of attention. Do you see that triple decker hamburger????? it weighs a pound and a half when it is put together!!!!! I can't remember what it is or ????? The woman who ordered it said "a lot of it is going to my dog, who is waiting out in the car." It was enough for 3 least. When I asked the chef about it, he said he is working on five new sandwiches that will be introduced soon and put on the menu. Who wants to eat a pound and a half burger sandwich???? I don't know if he did this for an attention getter or what, but no health minded person would order it (as WE all ate french fries).

Time flies when you're having fun. Cooper was an absolute doll.

Jenny always makes sure she has toys, crayons and a coloring book with her.

Three generations sitting next to each other.....

We have always had the same waitress when we are there. She does her job well!

Ironically (maybe not) Tina ran into some people she knew from her teaching days.

Here is Steve. He is the Chef/Owner of the Carlton Four Seasons Restaurant. What a pro.

The pups were happy to see us when we got home. I vegged and Gary went to a meeting. Now he is working on a committee that is organizing the 175th anniversary of the college. Pretty soon he will be booked 5 days a week as a volunteer.

This is definitely Phoebe's comfort zone.

I did that painting behind her when I was in graduate school at Syracuse U. (in the dark ages). "Stella." There's a little story there...I was an RA in a house and we ate our meals at one of the dining halls in a men's dorm. One of the people I sat with for dinner most nights was Joe Biden (who was there in law school). He would not know me from Adam...certainly not my real name. They used to call me "Bullet." Maybe he would remember that.

That afternoon light on the West side of the house real does it for me.

Went out at 5:15 to do chores. Masterpiece asked me to speed up the process.

Pony is much more patient.

Gucci was my assistant tonight while Phoebe avoided the horses.

As dark as it was getting, the photo below was taken without a flash and it turned out so light!

Yes, life is grand... Night all!


mj said...

Love the photo of Masterpiece peeking through the hole.... if looks could speed you up this one would!

Gayle said...

You are such a big part of your community. They must really appreciate it. Have you been riding lately? You should enjoy the horses more for all the work you do.

Unknown said...

That looks like the ideal lunch out, Lori - reliable food, reliable friends, and a well behaved grandchild. Who could ask for better???
Cheers, Mike.

Sandra said...

This looks like a perfect day.

Dream Valley Ranch said...

That picture of Masterpiece made me laugh out loud Lori :) I love that painting from the days past-beautiful!! So...why were you nicknamed Bullet??? :)