Thursday, January 7, 2010


I was so happy that we did not have to shovel today!

Both of the girls went out to the barn with me and it almost felt balmy!

It was in the mid twenties with NO wind.

The ponies were fed out in the pasture so they could pound it down a bit.

Dream really prefers being where there is lots of room....

They sure don't leave any hay these days.

Look who ventured out to the barn today Fe.

While I was cleaning stalls, Bermuda appeared.

During this cold snap, he was not too excited about leaving his warm bed in the basement.

While Gary was on his walk this morning, he got a call from Jenny. Cooper was sick and needed to be picked up from the Day Care Center. She left work to go back home and Gary was there just in time to clean up after the Coop threw up.

Finn had to go to the Doctor for a throat culture...I picked him up from school at 1pm and got him home in time for his Mom to drive him there.

THEN, I bought some groceries (again...the things I forgot yesterday) and went to the message therapist for my monthly visit. She used hot stones part of the time....and knows that they really make a difference to me. In fact, she gave me a container and some stones that I now have at the farm. Heaven! On a cold day!

On my way home I got a call from Jen as Finn needed some meds from the pharmacy at back I went. Finally got home a little before 4...started on dinner and went out to do chores.

Berlin is bowing for you!



and Pony got their shots in the dark.

A beautiful evening...the dogs did not even need their coats.

Another simple supper....


Baked beans and hot dogs....

More comfort food.

Tonight I am going to do a little reading (and hope that we don't get hit by the arctic express).
Night all.


Maery Rose said...

I wish we were getting the snow you've been getting. All we are getting is the deep freeze where it's so cold it can't snow. You asked how my horses are doing in the xtreme cold. They're doing fine. They use the barn to block the wind and come in at night where they can lay down and catch a break. And Java stays inside except when I'm outside taking care of the horses.

Gayle said...

Yea for no wind! We also had +20 today, but the bottom is supposed to fall out. Already -9 in town so hunkering in this weekend.