Saturday, January 16, 2010


A mild morning...grey. Next to the paddock gate the ice was so slippery I almost fell down when I got the first wheel barrow.

A lot of the snow was gone and I put the hay in the back pasture...the highest and driest. It would be worth it for the ponies to walk through some mud to get there.

Yesterday Dream ate all her morning deal today. She was more concerned about getting outside. OK, she ate about 70% of it.

While the herd was out back, Gary helped me with chores.

By tomorrow, this snow could just about disappear.

When I went out to the mailbox, Gucci would not take her eyes off me.

Below is a barn across the has a lot of character. Yesterday they put out a "for sale" sign. It would be fun if some horse people bought the place.

Around 11 Kevin brought the dogs up for a run down the lane.

Afterwards they came in with their muddy feet while Gary and he had coffee (Gary loves to make it using a French Press).

Buster and Gucci play, play, play.

Phoebe hides out and Ice cools it.

Drove out to Glen Darach Farm to watch Justine take her first lesson with Andrea.

A lot was learned today...breeches, half chaps, proper boots, vest....position etc. It looked like a good experience to me. When you start working with a new instructor, it is important to know what the expectations are so that you and your horse are as prepared as possible. Justine has been off Winnie for almost 6 months with a broken arm (caused when she went off the horse).
Now it is time for some confidence building and a strong foundation. They went to the right place.

By late afternoon, most of the side yard was snow free.

Justine did chores and I worked on dinner.

Pancakes....real maple syrup....bacon...and a fruit salad (orange, apple, banana with vanilla yogurt topped with almonds).

Comfort food....AGAIN. Simple pleasures....ahhhhhhhh.

We were finished eating by 5:30 (which is very early for us), but we were hungry! I'm taking the rest of the evening off. Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad Justine got back on and is building her confidence with a good instructor.

Liked all your pictures and hope Dream starts eating better for you. On the other hand I could really go for those pancakes and that fruit salad looks delicious, I've got to try that!

Achieve1dream said...

Yummy supper!!!!!

Gayle said...

I sure don't like ice. I would twist my back and be out for days. Your weather is so up and down. I have consistency. Not sure which is better.

B : ) said...

Another wonderful day. Thanks! Sure wish I could afford the farm across the street - oh my what a dream!!