Sunday, January 24, 2010


A pretty grey morning. The dogs went with me to the coats needed.

Look what Dream left me! She pulled down her feeder and covered it with those special road apples.

Gary helped me with stalls, and when he left for Java I picked the middle pasture. I need to get them all cleaned up before it starts to snow again.

In the house by 10. Our amarylis plants are both shooting up like crazy. Pretty soon we will have the second round of blossoms.

I spent much of the afternoon in front of the fire.

When I realized it was raining, I opened up the indoor and didn't have to ask twice for the horses to join me inside.

All but the pony took me up on it.

They were full of beans and ran around until they found a good spot to roll.

Of course their blankets were nice and gritty by the time they were done.

Darrin and Justine came up to work with Winnie, so after their 10 minutes out of the rain, they got the boot.

Berlin was very interested in being next to me today.

I think they would have stayed in, where the footing was good and it was nice and dry.

They were not out very long, before Justine and Darrin started on chores.

Pony was smart, she stayed under the shed roof.

Don't they look lovely?

Dinner? Leftovers. I pulled some vegetarian chili out of the freezer, made some rice and we had rice and beans (looks pretty sloppy) with a salad on the side.

My dieting puppies had 1/3 cup of dry dog food topped with a spoon of rice and green beans.

After dinner they get comfy.

Boy, I finished this early. Going for a steaming hot shower next. Night all.


Unknown said...

Dinner may look sloppy but I bet it was good!

Anonymous said...

Love the action shots! Leftovers are good - a life saver sometimes!

photogchic said...

At least your weatherman can get it right, ours on the other hand...usually a bit off. Love the "frisky" horse pics...they always find a way to enjoy the unpleasant weather.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh it rained here too..Rained lots..All night long too..Its gray still hope the sun comes out to dry every thing up...Stay warm and dry..Hugs

Brenda's Arizona said...

Road apples? You cracked me up with including THAT photo! Love seeing the horses enjoying their time 'playing'.

mj said...

I'm not sure what weather is my favorite ... rain and mud, or cold and snow! Mud is probably my least favored ... the critters seem to love it though :o( My mule knows that as soon as I have her cleaned up that it's time to roll again. Makes me wonder why I even bother when she prefers the caked-on look.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love your action shots. They sure know how to enjoy themselves when the weather is nasty outside. Your pups are so adorable, what cute little mugs they have in every picture. I can see they're not too too spoiled.

Stephanie - Siouxzeegirl Designs said...

Some horses do have a wonderful knack for getting extra dirty! They must have enjoyed rolling around in the indoor :)