Friday, January 29, 2010


No kidding! Single digits this morning.

I'm getting smarter. Took the dogs out in the yard for a few minutes while I shoveled a path, and put them right back in the house.

Old Man Winter was right where he was yesterday....the good was not windy when I went out to the barn.

Dream did her usual while I got the grain ready.

After I set up the hay in the paddock and behind the grooming room, I opened the back door upstairs and threw out 2/3 of another bale.

I don't think they were that hot for this batch, as it was different from the usual.

At least it was there in case they were still hungry. (I give them more when it is this cold).


Everywhere I looked...

made me shiver.

When I opened the back door the horses were very curious....

I'm sure that they would be happy to walk right in.

Finished up in the barn and started shoveling the driveway...the wind picked up a little, making the windchill below 0.

The dogs came out for a few more minutes since they did not get any barn time.

After lunch, the sun came out for awhile.

The sky was gorgeous.


I started working on dinner, as Brenda, Al, Ron and Ann were coming over at 6:30.
Justine arrived early to do chores.

I made sweet potato salad and Gary grilled out ham with a mustard sauce glaze. Both were done in advance.

Did you ever grill ham? It is outstanding. I heated up a brown sugar and mustard basting sauce that was brushed on.

Everyone arrived by 6:30 and we started off with some appetizers. On the left is a cheese with blueberries and on the right....garlic, tomato, basil. Brenda is anti gluten, so I served both rice and regular crackers.

We also had some pepper jelly and pears.

Started off by the fire.

I guess something funny was going on.

Al must have been telling us a good story.

Phoebe found a quiet spot while Gucci was all over us.

The plan for dinner was a winter picnic. This is what we had.....

Marinated carrots....(Ann)

grilled ham....

sweet potato salad....

and a spinach salad with peaches, toasted almonds and cheese (Ann).

All the flavors blended beautifully....

We try to get together with these two couples once a month as all of us enjoy good food and conversation. Our meals have been spectacular.

Here's where I started playing with my camera.

Then dessert arrived. Berries served with ice cream and a wafer (Brenda). What a way to end the meal.

Gary made his French press coffee, and that was that.

Meanwhile, I could not stop taking pictures.

The glass and candles were very intriguing and I could have taken (and did) many more shots.

They left by 10 and here I am, trying to finish this up before it is tomorrow.
Night all.


Megan, Life Revamped said...

you certainly have a warm family, even if its cold outside!

happy weekend!

here's mine:
my SKYwatch mosaic


LadyFi said...

Brrr.. looks cold! But I do love sun on snow. And that's quite a feast you had!

Gayle said...

I still have many more years of raising kids, but I am looking forward to someday making friends and entertain like you do. Looks like so much fun.

Jo said...

Hi Lori, first comment was lost. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have popped in here first time in winter. Brr. I love blanket-covered horses. And the BBQ'ing in the snow - that beats any of my fellow countrymen- we are all BBQ crazy but in sunny weather. I love your dishes. They look very tasty. I will be back often. Have a good weekend. Jo (North Africa)

Sandra said...

You make me think I should socialize more.

Anonymous said...

That's quite the exquisite picnic. We got snow like that this morning, and now we've got sun, too.

Achieve1dream said...

It's amazing how the sky can go from so ugly and gray to bright blue and sunny in one day lol. Looks like you guys had a great time. I like the pictures of the candles and glasses. Very cool.

Frank said...

Terrific post. Geez, it looks SO cold. Love the ice and snow on the pup's face.

Your dinner (and friends) are so nice and your home warm and comforting. Delicious food!! The candles abd wine are perfect.

Good to read that Guc is being the life of the party.

Victoria Cummings said...

It's pretty funny when the temperature goes up to 15 and we're thinking it's a heatwave! The last couple of nights, I deliberately left some hay that the horses don't particularly like in their stalls so they don't wolf everything down at once. That way, in the wee hours of the morning, before I get out to feed at 6:30 am, they discover that the rejected hay can be just fine. So, that sweet potato salad looks so good. Can we have the recipe? You should write a cookbook, Lori!

Unknown said...

I must say that food looks delicious you social butterflies, you!!!!!!
Love, Mike and Ann.

Anonymous said...

Love your snow shots. We got about 4" yesterday, a rare sight here in East Tennessee, at least snow that stays on the ground more than a couple hours. It's actually snowing again right now. :) I love it.

Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks for the recipe, Lori - can't wait to try it!

CoyoteFe said...

Perhpas our snow is coming your way. And, now that I read your post, I am STARVING!

Gail said...

Wonderful pictures! I love that lamp.

Anonymous said...

Cold and beautiful - but a lovely picnic!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh so cold, I feel for you. The food looks amazing.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow! Your photos portrayed the chilling bitter cold perfectly. Yay for your hubby on being so kind to grill outside in such freezing temps, too. That ham looked amazing!

I laughed at the pic of Al. Looks like he may be thinking, "I may have to drink a little bit more wine to try and figure out what the heck that sculpture/lamp thing really is." lol!

Where in the heck did you find that? I'm sure it's something very artsy and I bet it makes you grin everytime you look at Al is doing in that photo. LOL!


B : ) said...

I love your place more and more every day.